ALLARMS Clock 1.3

Attractive alarm clock for your desktop to remind you of all your tasks
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ALLARMS Clock is a tiny yet effective tool to help you manage and organize all your daily tasks and system events. It allows you to schedule a long list of warnings to cover more than twenty different tasks and events per day. Its attractive clock interface will take up just a small portion of your desktop, and you can easily customize it with your favorite images and sounds.

Designed to help you organize your daily routines, its extensive support for various system events is probably its main asset. Together with the more common date/time trigger, ALLARMS Clock works also perfectly with IDLE time, file appearance, process started, and top-level Windows title appearance events. Thus, it will let you schedule your system to behave exactly as expected, and at just the right times – it will start commands, kill processes, lock your workstation, close windows, perform atomic clock synchronization, close any Internet browser opened by your kids (parental control), etc. All of these actions can also be performed at any time using your favorite hotkey combinations, which you can add and edit through the program’s settings.

The program comes also with a monthly calendar where you can add your own notes to selected dates as reminders. The notes window can also be used as a basic notepad application, where you can jot down your personal to-do lists or write basic arithmetic and scientific operations, which the program’s built-in calculator will solve every time you press Ctrl+=.

The program’s interface supports different skins, and it even allows you to customize it with your favorite MP3 sounds, SWF videos, and image files.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Discreet interface that takes up very little of your desktop's space
  • Simple settings
  • Intuitive tool - requires little or no help


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